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Update on my latest novel in the Evil Stryker series, The Christmas Slay

Spent a long weekend at the cabin working hard to get The Christmas Sleigh finished before Christmas. 41,000 words written so far! Hope to get to my editor by Thanksgiving.

Senator Hearst has asked Stryker to investigate the brutal killings in Johnsville, California. But Stryker thinks killing is just fine as long as it’s the bad guys that are doing the dying.

He's met some interesting people, including Luscious Dhal, the wife of a Methodist preacher named Venard Dhal. He's also met up with Tooonug, the knife-wielding Paiute, again. Together they'll bring a new religion to town.

It's a snowy December and Stryker must ride a sleigh the last seven miles into town . . .

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