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Character Inspiration

Inspiration for Stryker, the series protagonist, was my wanting to create a kind of super hero to fight the bad guys. Stryker has no super powers though. He is just a mean SOB and a ruthless killer. He doesn't leave 'em alive. And although he's feared by both friend and foe, for some reason even I, the author, don't fully understand why women are attracted to him. Now there's a real mystery. I want the readers, especially those who have been wronged, or have witnessed wrongs and wished something could right the wrongs, (the criminal punished etc.) would get that with the Evil Stryker series. And the readers will be more than satisfied. Yet Stryker is not a simple man. He's haunted by a tragic past. (I won't go into the genesis of that element). His entire life is marked by a trail of violence. And there is also complexity depth here--he's intelligent, well educated, and abides by his own moral code. I try to bring unique, interesting characters, into Stryker's life. Some are enemies, some are friendly. Most lose their lives. There is plenty of melancholy. Entwined with the story and the characters is the underpinning of political conservatism--so bereft in fiction today. I hope to leave the readers thinking about the stories long after they finish the books.

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